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Mustard seeds have been used as a folk medicine treatment since times in Egypt, Greece, and Asia. Hippocrates advised others to them externally and internally.

Thanks to Kirilian photography and to modern electronics, we can understand the incredible power of mustard seeds and learn why mustard seeds have been used to treat many ailments for thousands of years, especially to relive pain, stress, aid in healing, and invigorate the body. Kirilian photography, used to display the energy fields of plans, shows the mustard seeds bioenergy field. A tine mustard seed, only about 2 millimeters in diameter, generates a huge, 100 millimeter radius, which is a record among all tested plants. 

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Energy fields activate all biochemical processes and encourage healing. The most sophisticated energy-medicine instruments are used for diagnosing and treating ailments. Micro-current electrical therapy (MET) is used to help relive chronic and /or acute pain. Electrostimulation is used to control pain, and electromagnetic field are used to stimulate the healing of broken bones.

Mustard seeds generate a natural bioenergy field as long as the seeds are alive, which is typically about 4 years. Because of the mustard seeds bioenergy, similar to the human energy field, the seeds to activate our biochemical metabolic relaxes process. Mustard seeds are the constant source of bioenergy that radiates into muscles and ligaments, heats them up and relaxes them, and increases blood circulation and oxygen, thus accelerating the body’s natural healing and boosting its immunity.

Let the Mustard Mat nurse you back to health and vitality.

Mustard seeds – the source of bioenergy.  Bioenergy – the force of life. Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds help:

They are used therapy for:

Mustard seeds help neutralize radiation of:

Negative alterations to our environment, changes in our lifestyle and diet, are the ground to spawn many sicknesses and health disorders in our civilization. Meanwhile, human history confirms that since ancient time, the use of herbs on a regular basic in an effective approach to restring our health.

Many people who use the mustard mats daily:


Humans are a part of a vast biological environment where many bioenergetics processes are taking place.

Mustard seeds, with their therapeutic bioenergy, can help nurse you back to health and vitality.

The amount  of mustard seeds we use in all products made by Bio Product Center is carefully formulated to boost and restore distressed human bioenergy, stimulate and balance the human immune system, promote healing, and give the optimum therapeutic benefits for your health and vitality.
Let the Mustard Mat nurse you back to health and vitality.

Do you have muscular pains or rheumatism?

Let the Mustard Mat nurse you back to health and vitality. When the bioenergetics balance is restored, you will enjoy increased bodily defense functions to illness, improved sleep, a higher quality of  life, and you will feel full on energy all day long.