BioProduct Center Inc.

About the founder

Almost one third of our life is spent in sleep and rest. It is very important how we sleep. All my life I was guided by a principle: “It is not important where we sleep. It is important that one sleeps well”. This principle suggested an idea to me to put in motion a production of natural products, which allow us to sleep and rest healthier. It appeared that products including mustard seeds and buckwheat hulls in a natural cotton wrapping satisfied my expectations. My friends call me “Stan Mustard Seeds”. Why? For the last twenty years, I have been the owner of the firm BioProductCenter, which produces goods from mustard seeds. I not only constantly invent new adaptations of mustard seeds, but also I read every possible article about it. I often try to convince people around me of the amazing efficacy of mustard seeds. I would like to see everyone start to use it, practicing in this way not only my personal knowledge, but the experience of ancient people, because mustard seeds were known and valued already thousands of years ago. It continually astonishes me: so little seed and so much power in it. Mats with mustard seeds help to reduce different kind of pain: arthritic, migraine, menstrual and muscle tensions. They Mustard seeds helps neutralize the radiation effects of computers, TV sets, and underground water rivers and enable deep and restful sleep.
Belts with mustard seeds are comfortable to use during the day. They calm the pain in the hips, arms and legs. Special keyboard Wrist Protection Pads ease wrist pain and help prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
The combination of mustard seeds and buckwheat hulls is my personal discovery. Pillows with this composition are a great protection from perspiration and the pain referred to as “stiff neck”. If you sleep well and deeply, any kind of depression is alleviated. Anyway, remember: Mustard seeds support treatment and prevent many illness. Start using them today and you will never regret it.

Stanislaw Slonina