BioProduct Center Inc.

Buckwheat Hulls Products

Sleep in comfort and enjoy pain free mornings .

Buckwheat hulls are the best material to provide proper support of the head and neck when sleeping. Buckwheat hulls are easily molded into a perfect shape under your body, minimizing stress and tension, providing optimum support and more comfortable sleep. They provide maximum cooling of the head because they allow air circulation. Also, buckwheat hulls help reduce stiff neck and insomnia.

Buckwheat hull core fillings do not compress, and they keep their original form for many years.

Buckwheat hull products made by BioProduct Center are filled with environmentally friendly, highest quality buckwheat hulls that are screened, filtered, and vacuumed to remove any buckwheat flour residue. The buckwheat hulls are grown and harvested in the U.S.A.

Buckwheat product line: buckwheat pillows, neck pillows, bolsters and chair cushions.