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What is the Alternative to Bathe in Sulphurous Mineral Waters?

What is the Alternative to Bathe in Sulphurous Mineral Waters?

What is the Alternative to travelling to a mineral spa to bathe in sulphurous mineral waters?

The main therapeutic reasons for bathing in sulphurous mineral waters are:

  • joint disease prevention
  • movement disorders of varying origins: orthopedic, neurological, traumatic and rheumatoid
  • chronic inflammation and skin allergies. Sulfur acts locally on the epidermis, making the skin smooth and helping it to heal faster
  • mild cardiac disorders
  • potency disorders
  • nervous system disorders.

Among other studies, research conducted at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, has confirmed that fresh mustard grains are rich in sulfur-containing glucosinolates. One component of glucosinolate is essential mustard oil.

  1. Glucoznolans are a group of organic chemical compounds belonging to thioglycosides, composed of glucose residue and an organosulfur side chain terminated with a sulfate group in the form of a monoester.
    Glucosinolates are found in plants. Their rich source are plants from the Brassicaceae family, which also includes mustard seeds. They are relatively chemically stable, decompose by the enzymatic route under the influence of myrosinase. They have a chemopreventive effect: they prevent the spread of breast, prostate, lung and stomach cancer.
  1. Mustard has energetic properties producing biofield, which has a positive effect on the human body.
  2. Sleep on mats filled with mustard seeds helps us reduce rheumatic, muscular, spinal and arthritic pain. There is improvement in internal organ function, increase in libido, and the reduction and quieting of neurotic symptoms and depressive states. Mats with mustard seeds protect against radiation from televisions, computers and water veins.
  3. You no longer have to use sulphurous mineral baths in a mineral spa. You can make a so-called dry bath in your home, by resting on a mustard seed mat and covering yourself with a blanket also containing mustard. This is a very healthy treatment, much cheaper than staying at a mineral spa or sanitorum plus without having contact with sick people.

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